Syria Conflict Map

This map of Syria maps the number of casualties over the year since the conflict began.The map splits deaths between adults and children, and animates the casualties using both a chart and a map. The map shows the approximate location of the casualty (coded by city) with the diameter of the circle relating to the number. The map uses an interesting colour scheme, somewhat like radar blips on a black screen. The interactive tool was made and powered using CartoDB.

Perhaps more interesting are the comments at the bottom of the page. Some commenters note that the map (specifically it’s interactivity) is inappropriate for the subject matter it is covering (casualties in a conflict). In many ways, the word “interactive” conjures ideas of games, enjoyment and fun and perhaps isn’t the right word to use when referring to the map. Really, what the map is trying to achieve (or what I assume would be appropriate) is a strategic, spatial understanding of casualties, to aid readers in forming their opinions on the conflict. However, the title makes it seem like a fun interactive toy, which may have lead another commenter to sarcastically liken it to a fun iPad app.



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