Animated GIFs from Matthew DiVito

Not a map today, but something perhaps related. Matthew DiVito has been getting some excitement about his GIF animations. They’re all quite interesting and show a really good understanding of the limitations of a medium, but in knowing this, he’s been able to create some beautiful animations. GIFs only have 8 bits of colour (255 colour choices), and are often grainy in quality. However, Mr. DiVito seems to use the grain as an effect, and masters the colour schemes to protect against any awkward colour combinations. 

The lesson? In the case of many mapping application, understanding your medium and your tools can allow you to create visually striking and beautiful designs. As many mapping programs are limited in their design capabilities, this is an especially important note. Further, if making map animations using GIFs, developing the maps in an 8-bit colour scheme from the outset will only make your animations look better.Sticking to black backgrounds, simple lines, and minimalist detailing are essential in preventing a grainy, awkward animation.



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