Lots of New Terms

Today, I spent a lot of time learning some new terms. No fancy maps or apps, just some words (and a link to OSM). The following terms seem to appear often in the present discourse around open data, web mapping and governments. OpenStreetMap above is a consistent example of the type of collaborative, interactive mapping experience that has emerged in the last decade. So without further ado…

Web 2.0:
A shift in the way users interact with the web – towards participation and collaboration, rather than static viewing and consumption. Examples include social media, blogs, and interactive online maps. (O’Reilly 2005).

Government 2.0:
“the use of technology – especially collaborative technologies at the heart of Web 2.0 – to better solve collective problems at a city, state, national and international level.” (O’Reilly 2010).

“combines the complex techniques of cartography and GIS and places them within reach of users and developers.” (Turner 2006).

Others terms that I’ve come across include: public participation GIS, participatory GIS, open government, open data, mashups, collaborative GIS, counter-mapping and FOSS (free and open source software) Can you think of any others?

Link to OSM: http://www.openstreetmap.org/


O’Reilly, T. (2005). What is Web 2.0. Retrieved from: http://oreilly.com/web2/archive/what-is-web-20.html. (Oct 2012).

O’Reilly, T. (2010). Government as a platform. In Lathrop, D., Ruma, L. (Eds.) Open Government: Collaboration, Transparency and Participation in Practice. Sebastopol:O’Reilly. pg. 12.

Turner, A. (2006). Introduction to Neogeography. Retrieved online at http://pcmlp.socleg.ox.ac.uk/sites/pcmlp.socleg.ox.ac.uk/files/Introduction_to_Neogeography.pdf (Oct 2012).


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