Transportation Demand Visualization /// Portfolio: Urban Planning/Technology

GEOIDE2From 2011-2012, I worked at the University of Toronto’s Cities Centre on a project called Visualizing Urban Futures: The Transportation Demand Visualization Tool (TDViz). The Project involved the development of tools to visualize complex transportation data which was produced through models and through surveys. Transportation remains a complex area of visualization due to the multiple dimensions that travel patterns take on. For example, a typical trip will consist of a origin, a destination and multiple stops. Furthermore, trips can be characterized by modes, numbers of passengers, routes, times of day, duration, and more. 

The project produced a prototype tool for automating the process of visualization, linking large data sets to a GIS platform to create quick map visualizations. My role in the project centered around creating the visualizations and programs for automating visualization in ArcGIS, as well as supervising a small research group.

A report outlining our progress and providing sketches of some of the visualizations we produced is available through the link below.

PDF: Transportation Demand Visualization Tool Report


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