Some Thoughts and Observations on Mapping and the Internet

No cool visualization today, instead mostly a few small revelations. I’ve been reading a lot in the past few days in preparation for both a reading course I am taking (Planning and Digital Media, we called it), as well as in preparation for the first draft of my thesis. My revelations from these readings include the following…


1. There seems to be a real, but murky connection between the use of the internet for mapping and social media/networking.

2. The names Goodchild, Nivalla, Haklay, Sui, Elwood, and Monmonier come up A LOT.

3. Reading more broadly about the Internet in its capacity as a medium of communication, it is special in that it involves horizontal networks (rather than top down broadcasting and node-to-node calling), and thereby allows for group communication. Add to this multimedia, data storage, virtual property in the form of websites (and, most likely, a ton of other stuff) and you have the social phenomenon that is the Internet.

4. We use a lot of metaphors of space and location to describe the Internet

5. There isn’t/was never a clear distinction between “physical” and “virtual” realms, and so the distinction is somewhat misleading.


Happy Monday!


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