Toronto Gyms Mapped

Toronto GymsToday’s map comes from a local website, Gym Toronto. The map is a simple Google point map of the locations of gyms through the city. What is especially interesting about this map is the collection of different gyms (i.e., that there are different gym brands collected into one map), and the distribution of the locations on the map.

The display of the data at a region-wide scale is significant for analysis. In terms of the distribution of the points, one can see unequivocally that there is a glut of gyms in the city centre, while in the inner suburbs (especially North Etobicoke and Scarborough) there are almost none. Zooming in on the city centre, there are an exceptional number of gyms scattered around Yonge Street and between Queen and King Streets.

The distribution of gyms (businesses) is likely correlated with the demand for that service. Based only on my experiences in Toronto, Yonge and Queen Streets house working 20-30 somethings, while the inner suburbs mostly house families and the elderly. Perhaps this explains the distribution, but having athletic spaces in sparse suburban areas is possibly even more important, since suburbanites spend much less time walking and cycling than those living in dense urban spaces.

All around, a very (though, perhaps unexpectedly) interesting map!



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