UrbanEyes /// Portfolio: Technology

Urbaneyes02UrbanEyes is an app for collecting and export spatial data using mobile phones. Using the app people can collect the data they need to create maps. The app is especially useful for surveyors, urban planners, maintenance people, real estate agents and scientists that might need to collect data in the urban environment.

The app works by having the user create a survey on a web interface (to add data to). The user then visits a site to collect the information, using the GPS coordinates of the phone. This is then conveyed to the website and converted into a .CSV file, which can be easily imported into a GIS software, or analyzed as is.

This app was developed as part of a graduate course at the University of Toronto, ECE1778: Creative Applications for Mobile Devices, I worked with Miroslav Cupak and Ravi Kalyani to create UrbanEyes. Our code is open and available on GitHub, but if you would like to try it out, or get more information, please contact me at sheraz24@gmail.com. Below is a video of our final presentation and pitch for the application:


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