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Toronto Sound Prints is an ongoing project by myself and Scott Kobewka which is concerned with the translation of the psychological effects of urban soundscapes to visual imagery. Maps and images were created based on data from Ryerson University’s SMART Lab. These findings, related to stress, are encoded as alterations of photographs of the recording site. This provides a representation of the emotional, subjective and internal responses to a location’s unique sound.

The work was composed of three pieces: a stress map, a selection of sound prints around Toronto, and a set of 15 prints documenting a day at Dundas Square. You can explore the sounds and the photographs at the Toronto Sound PrintsΒ website.

From Torontoisawesome blog

Below are two of the sound prints, and a stress map of Toronto.


  1. bobgeor said:

    Oh wow, this is really cool! Using maps – a visual tool – to situate sounds. Very crafty!

    • Sheraz said:

      Thanks! Stay tuned for more… :)

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