ABC of Planning /// Children’s book on planning from the 30s

ABC of PlanningI just came across this book from 1937 on Planning. It’s a children’s book from New York, commissioned by then Mayor La Guardia called ‘The ABC of City Planning’. It’s a total throw back to the issues facing modernist planning in the days of Robert Moses and the like. An eerie quote comes from the letter J,

J is for Jumbleย caused only by Man
Who recklessly built without a good plan.

From: @nate_berg

  1. Juliana said:

    Thanks for posting that! I’m currently doing some work on modernism, and this is just the trick!

    • Sheraz said:

      No problem! What’s the project?

  2. Juliana said:

    It is a paper for my Urban History course, not all that exciting. We have to look at how modernism has affected urban planning looking at Le Corbusier, FL Wright, and The Garden City movement. This little book (especially the letter J) does a great job of simply summarizing the main themes of modernist planning, which is useful on many levels. It is such a great find!

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