Mapdive /// a skydiving game with Google Maps

MapdiveMapdive is a game built by Instrument, a digital creative studio in Portland. The game uses a Google map that you (the little yellow man) fall towards. You can fly through hoops and collect stars, as well as share your results online with others. The tool has a pretty clever design, it uses webkit’s 3D Transform CSS to transform objects in three dimensions on a web page.


See below for my thoughts:

Critique: I especially like how smooth the game plays, it’s simple and easy to play, and a great demonstration of the power of the capabilities of 3D on a web platform. The playful yellow character and the colour scheme of the rings and stars complement the Google Map background. Also, the jarring geometric shapes make the rings highly discernible over the more organic and curvy forms of the streets below. Reminds me of Star Fox.


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