Toronto’s Traffic Light Locations /// Checking out Open Data

Traffic LightsJust felt like making a map, so I went on to Toronto’s open data site and downloaded this dataset. The data is from 2011, and shows the locations of all of Toronto’s traffic lights. I whipped the map below together using a density function, with a quantile break scheme and the borders of the former municipalities. Click above, or below for more!

The map is, for all intents and purposes, not that instructive – it kind of shows what we already know: Downtown is dense, suburbs are not. The suburbs have fewer traffic lights because more traffic is funneled to the major streets to keep them out of the smaller residential streets. It’s just another example of the stark contrast between the old city and the suburbs, albeit on a pretty inconsequential metric.

Toronto Traffic Lights

Some interesting places:

1. High Park
2. DVP
3. The Islands
4. Rouge Park
5. Woodbine Racetrack/Humber Arboretum
6. Highway 401
7. Sunnybrooke Park

Toronto Traffic Lights2

***thanks to gg for a typo fix


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