Mapping Berlin /// Preliminary tips and tests

Berlin 2

I decided to do some mapping of Berlin, now that I’ll be living here for a few months. Here are some resources I found and some preliminary maps I made. Everything was don with QGIS v. 1.8.0.

1. what projection system should I use for Berlin?

I found that WGS84/UTM zone 33N gives a nice view of Berlin. I was surprised not to see much in the way of support about this, but perhaps I need to learn German cartography terms!

2. where can I get data from?

There are several places, but I found a great resource from a website called GEOFABRIK – They have data from OSM feeds, and the data looks like it is updated quite regularly.

As well, I found Berlin’s Open Data resources – Many of the resources are in KLM or other formats which, with some map wizardry, can be input into whichever mapping software you’re using.

(If you know of any other data resources, please leave them in the comments below!)

3. what do the maps look like?

I mostly was looking at the road map of Berlin, so here are, in order of appearance, all the roads of Berlin, and then the roads coloured by speed limit (faster roads are darker). Both are quite preliminary, but are still interesting

Roads Speed Limits


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