Material Journal /// Portfolio: Arts

Material Journal HeaderAs part of a time capsule produced by Labspace Studio, Scott Kobewka and I produced a set of ten vials of powder, consisting of material encountered on an experiential walk through North York. Starting at Gibson House, an old preserved farmhouse, we moved through cemeteries, parks, bus interiors, and quiet residential streets.

Most evident to us was the contrast of the materials of the past (Gibson House) and the present (our walk). We sought then to produce a material journal of our day. The material we encountered Β was pulverized and contained, each vial a small passage in our recording.

The powders sit inside a small wooden box and will be stored in a time capsule in Toronto for 50 years. Ten vials were produced, containing pulverized or ground wood, grass, soil, granite, asphalt, glass steel, plastic, brick, and rubber.Β A few pictures of the materials and their powders are below. Photos by Scott Kobewka.

Material Journal 1 Material Journal 2 Material Journal 3


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