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Modern Architecture in Africa – UFOs and Pyramids

Blog - 01-afrika-architektur-ghana-senegal

(Photo Copyright Iwan Baan)

This photo series shows a few examples of modernist architecture in various cities in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, the Ivory Coast and Senegal. Many of them represent the new-found freedom and independence that these nations celebrated in the mid-century. The photos come from a book, entitled African Modernism published by Park Books. (Thanks to Urban Night Life for the recommendation!)


Reflections on Hamburg’s unsatisfying new architecture

blog - neubau-hamburg-540x304

(Photo Copyright Jakob Börner)

This article goes into a tirade about the emergence of huge numbers of utilitarian and mediocre buildings in Hamburg’s suburban ring. Interestingly, one of the causes of what he thinks is ugly architecture, is not that things are too expensive in today’s term (he notes that the Hamburg of the 19th century was much poorer than the Hamburg of today). Instead he proposes that there is a political will to create beauty. The logic of ‘saving’ overrides any attempt to create patina, atmosphere, sensation and intensity, as the author says. (Thanks to Urban Night Life for the recommendation!)


Documenting Montreal’s Metro Stations

Blog - Montreal-Metro-by-Christopher-Forsyth_dezeen_468_9

(Photo copyright Christopher Forsyth)

Canadian photographer Christopher Forsyth has documented the various stations in Montreal’s metro system. His first set of photos were presented on the Dezeen blog as a photo essay, wih more photos to come. Many of Montreal’s stations were completed in the 1960s, and very often are great examples of Canadian modern design.


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