Designers and the Senses /// Closing Tabs

Another set of tabs to be closed, another post to be written.

Designers exploring the vivid world of scent 

Blog - Scent 1

(Photo copyright Gionata Xerra)

Apparently many designers have been wandering into the world of smell, especially at big-name design schools like Eindhoven and Lund. This link outlines several of the unique and creative projects that were dreamed up by design graduates and furniture designers, all in the theme of smell and scent. Many of the works go beyond merely composing new scents, but encompass new technology and experiences that surround the concept of smell.


Recreating the smells of the past 

Blog - Scent 2

Working with Norwegian chemist Sissel Tolaas, Mickaël Wiesengrün created an installation that allows participants to smell the past, in a way. The installation was presented in a re-purposed factory and sought to reveal the smells that would have been there in the past. A selection of scents were chosen and through various tubes and devices, are presented to the participant as a sniff-able scent-fog. More details on the setup are in the link.


Textiles made based on different tastes 

Blog - Scent 3

Using the five principal tastes as a springboard, desiger Martyna Barbara Golik designed a set of textiles. Called “Touch that Taste!” the textiles were used to design various household items. These include: Bitter shoes, Salty room divider (above), Sour blanket and chair cover, Sweet pouf and Umami carpet. The textiles make a start towards translating taste into texture.


‘Bistro in Vitro’: designing the meats of the future

Blog - Scent 4

(Photo copyright Bistro in Vitro)

Finally, and perhaps most strangely, Dutch artist and philosopher Koert Mensvoort has launched a virtual restaurant (i.e., not real) that poses a menu of possible dishes made with synthetic meat. Some of the options are interesting like ‘Friendly Foie Gras’, and others make my stomach churn (celebrity cubes, meat foam cocktail, ‘the throat tickler’). I suppose the question to ask is, why do some of these dishes seem so unappetizing and how do we relate to meat when eating it?


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