Furniture Notes /// Closing Tabs

Today’s (never-ending) tab-closing is all about furniture and architecture that have curious forms.

Basalt Benches by Byung Hoon Choi

Blog - Furniture 1  

These benches, made from single hand-carved blocks of basalt, combine complementary, but ultimately opposing forms. The smoothness of the black basalt still flows perfectly into the rough ruggedness of the unrefined stone. The designer’s skill makes the benches look effortless, even magical.


Candy-like furniture by Matthias Borowski 

Blog - Furniture 2

Another set of whimsically awesome furniture are these designs by Matthias Borowski. The pieces are made with plastics, resin, wood and foam, among others. Borowski was quoted saying that he wanted to, “evoke the five senses” with his designs.


Cloud-shaped campsite by Kevin Hirth

Blog - Furniture 3

Finally here are some illustrations of a possible elevated campsite by Keith Hirth. The site in Colorado would allow visitors to sleep in the open with (less) fear of wandering animals or other things in the night. Built with a number of semicircular panels, the platform mimics a cartoon-like or dream-like bank of clouds and offers new views of the natural site.


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