ABC Map of BVG Berlin /// Transit Maps


A perennial problem in Berlin, for some reason, is figuring out where the city’s transit zones start and end. A seemingly simple question, but somehow so difficult to find answers to. The city’s transit operator, the BVG, has the map locked up in strange locations on the website, making it difficult to find the map.

I thought I’d do a service and post files here (as of May 2015):

ABC BVG Berlin Transit Map Karte (PDF 244 KB)
ABC BVG Berlin Transit Map Karte (PNG  940 KB)

with a bunch of common searches: ABC Berlin, ABC map Berlin, ABC Karte Berlin, ABC BVG, BVG Karte Berlin, BVG map Berlin, Transit map Berlin, plan BVG,

Accessibility doesn’t only mean putting information online – it has to be easy and quick to access too! Check out the bvg’s website here:

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  1. i guess, bvg simply doesn’t want customers to go to brandenburg…

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