My name is Sheraz Khan.

Headshot 1

This website is my digital notebook. 

I am passionate about cities, urban planning and architecture.

I am a graduate of the Masters of Planning program (2013) from the University of Toronto in the city I was born and raised. I concentrate on topics relating sensory studies, cities and data visualization.

I am a generalist

and I have a track record for working in a diversity of fields. My past work has encompassed not only urban planning, but also areas such as chemistry, flavours and fragrances, forestry, cartography, data visualization, journalism, art and more.

I am observant

especially in the cities I visit. I am always searching for a mechanism, structure or relation in the work that I do, the books I read and the things I see. 

Contact me

Email me at sk (at) if you’d like to start a conversation or are interested in working with me!

my portfolio:

Instagram Logo 20px sq.fw on Instagram: @torontosheraz

Twitter 20px orange.fwon Twitter: @futuresurban


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