Technology (Portfolio)

SAMSUNG CSCAs part of my residency in Berlin, I produced “TeTo”, short for Texture-Tone. TeTo is an object that I used to convert the texture of the ground into sounds and noises, through the act of dragging. Composed of a speaker system embedded within a suitcase, the device measures the bumps of the ground as the suitcase rolls and interprets these measurements into sounds.

TeTo as produced at the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin as part of an artist-in-residence program from March-July 2014, and was presented at the Affective Cities conference in August 2014. Special thanks to Jörg Weiß for the raw video and photos, and Scott Kobewka for the final video.



Texture/Tone from 17° on Vimeo.



Photos from a Performance at the  Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik



The device, Revolution Mechanism, stands as a metaphor for the process of change and revolution. It consists of a black box which converts a person’s voice into energy to turn a wheel. The device reminds participants that a voice without power cannot cause revolution. The device was presented as part of Ortstermin, an exhibition in Moabit from on May 23-25, 2014 in Berlin.

record_groovesTexture/Tone is a project involving the development of a device to translate street textures into music. Currently in progress, the project will take place in both Berlin and Toronto throughout the summer of 2014.

The project involves two parts. The first is an exploratory phase, where research will be conducted on the idea of ‘street texture’. Texture in this sense relates to the materials, objects, forms, and orientation of objects on the street as a surface for mobility. This phase will involve exploration and photographic documentation.

The second phase will concentrate on the design of a texture-to-sound translator. This device will use the physical form of the street material to create sound in real-time, much like a vinyl album creates sound through the measurement of its microscopic ridges, or how a suitcase creates a repetitive rhythm when running across street objects.

This project focuses on the translation of senses, enabling new interpretations of and calling attention to daily subconscious sensory experiences. If you’re interested, please check out the Texture tag to see what I’ve been writing about the project. As well, feel free to email at if you are interested or want to contribute in some way.

The image above is from As well, this project has been initially supported by 106 generous funders through Kickstarter – my project page can be viewed here: